The Sinorock® self drilling rock bolt from China is a hollow bar injection-bore micropile that serves as an economical solution for challenging soil conditions where installing conventional micropiles may not be the best option. For example, those with collapsible soils (those not conducive to open-hole drilling), large boulders, or other obstructions.

The micropile is formed in a single, top-down operation by the injection of a high-pressure, neat cement grout mixture that is pumped through the bar, while also serving as the drill string. The neat grout mix exits through ports at the end of the sacrificial bit and permeates into the looser adjacent soils forming a competent reinforced grout column.

Components of the Sinorock Self-Drilling anchor bolt:

Hex Nut

Termination Plate for new construction or bracket for underpinning

HDPE Pipe for unbonded length or additional corrosion protection

Soil Cement Grout Body

Final Injection Grout

Magnacore Self-Drilling Anchor Bar allows injection while serving as drill strong


Centralizer to keep the micropile centered in the hole to allow for optimal grout cover

Sacrificial Bit

Grout Flushing Holes

In addition to materials and service, Sinorock will provide continual support through the entire project, including: engineering/design, on-site support, load testing, installation expertise, competitive pricing, and rental equipment.