Sinorock is a leading supplier of high-quality rock bolt system serving the diverse industrial needs ranging from infrastructure development to civil engineering and the concrete industries. Sinorock's high quality rock bolt systems are suitable for both permanent and temporary applications, including the most difficult ground conditions.And we are able to develop products designed for the specific applications of our customers through our continued research into new and innovative technologies,we also have many advanced product lines for anchor bolt system manufacturing.

In Tunneling, our core product line ranges from rock bolts and stainless steel rock bolts to anchor nets. Each rock bolt support system is customized and professionally engineered to your specific application.Our rock bolt support systems are designed to make tunneling safer. Thanks to our local presence around the globe, we can satisfy your needs for ground control quickly and efficiently – no matter where you are.

For projects facing geo-conditions above,self-drilling rock bolt should be considered as the main solution cuz it's designed for optimized installation, tailored to the project's needs.

This unique system, which was originally designed and developed by Sinorock, has been used extensively on a world-wide basis for anchoring in soils and weak rock and can provide between double and treble the working load of normal ground anchors over lengths of 8 to 10 metres.