Sinorock is one of the excellent rock bolts suppliers with outstanding quality, delivery performance and innovative management. Through our continued research into new and innovative technologies, we have designed and developed many advanced machines for rock bolts which are applied for the patent.

Also,Sinorock is a well-known self drilling anchor bolt expert in the field of highly specialized geotechnical works. In regards to problematic or challenging projects,Sinorock has an experienced technical staff made up of engineers and geologists that develop analysis and calculate the stability of rock masses. On the basis of their results, the optimal anchor bolt system of protection is designed. Both active and passive measures are taken in order to prevent loose and falling rock masses: metallic nets both simple and reinforced, wire rope panels, wire rope wrappings, precise nailing, bar and rod ties, rock fall barriers.Sinorock has put our anchor bolt support into the rock slope protection and slope stabilization systems.

Sinorock is the professional anchoring system supplier in the tunneling,mining,slope foundation,etc.For Sinorock, delivering less than the very best is never an option. The foundation of our communities depends on it.Sinorock is not only one of the largest anchor bolt manufacturers for civil constructionsin China,but can also lay claim to having built the maximum number of projects in the whole of the constructions and we pursue the quality of projects.Superior capability and capacity allow Sinorock to provide infinite solutions for your self drilling anchor bar requirements.Sinorock hasconcentrated on the geotechnical field and has become the leading specialist for demanding geotechnical products.We are successfully meeting the needs of engineering industries as a renowned self drilling anchor bar manufacturer.